Spare parts and consumables for fiber laser cutting machines

Spare parts and consumables for fiber laser cutting machines

The best way to ensure proper operation and long life of your fiber laser cutting machine is by using original parts and consumables for it.

Among the main consumables for the fiber lasers are nozzles, protective glasses, lenses and adaptors. Despite the fact that these are relatively small components, they are of utmost importance for the quality of operation of the machine and the manufactured details.

It is of particular importance that these elements are of high quality so that they can be more resistant to wear and can be used for a longer period of time. This reduces the cost of replacing consumables and provides better cut quality and fewer scrapped details. In such way it is possible for each company to save costs, especially in the long term.

Main types of consumables:

The nozzles for the laser cutting machines are made of copper. They are the last component of the cutting head, very close to the sheet material. They insert the auxiliary gas into the cut, which takes the molten material from the underside of the sheet, thus ensuring a clean and quality cut.
fiber laser nozzle

Nozzle adaptors are the part between the cutting attachment and nozzles. They protect the cutting head in case of a serious hit so as to eliminate damage to it.



Protective glasses (focusing)

The protective glasses are consumables specific to fiber laser cutting machines. They protect the focus lenses of the cutting head and thus ensure its proper operation for a long period of time.


Focusing lens
The focusing lenses are located in the cutting head and their function is to focus the laser beam. Their good quality and condition make it possible to precisely cut metal of different thicknesses and of different type.


Purchasing consumables from the “Nukon Bulgaria” website

The purchase of consumables and spare parts from the site of NUKON BULGARIA is extremely easy.

Visit www.nukon.bg an then click on CONSUMABLES in the main menu.

  1. Find the consumables you need
  2. Select quantity
  3. Fill in the necessary details
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If you are not entirely sure exactly which consumables or spare parts you need, we are always available to assist you.

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